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at versatex trimboard we make trim smarter. our products are created from cellular pvc in the most state of the art manufacturing facility in the industry. Free Sample

pvc panels can be cut and worked like wood but are not affected by moisture and do not require painting. pvc panels and lumber are made of cellular pvc, which is filled with tiny air bubbles that make it flexible and relatively lightweight. the panels can be affixed to studs or other surfaces with nails, like . Free Sample

extreme's pvc trimwelder is the only product to be recommended / certified for use with every major cellular pvc manufacturer in north america, including: azek, koma, kleer, versatex, certainteed, Coppola, tuff board, etc. pvc trimwelder will bond and fill all pvc building materials with a single fast or slow curing . Free Sample

kleer lumber offers a full line of sealant and adhesive products for use with its cellular pvc trim pieces. the product line includes cellular pvc cement for smaller, shorter-length joints; cellular pvc structural sealant, ideal for filling expansion gaps and nail holes; three types of cellular pvc adhesive . Free Sample

frequently asked questions about all azek products including trim, deck, mouldings, rail, porch pavers. get answers to your questions about azek products. Free Sample

color matched fill stick for redwood plastibec pvc beadboard moulding. availability: in stock . plastibec fill sticks are color matched to touch-up nail holes in redwood plastibec millwork. directions: rub the fill stick over the nail hole or joint until filled, then wipe away excess material with a clean cloth. effective on any . Free Sample

workbench october 2006. pvc “lumber”. create long-lasting outdoor projects with a material that's as easy to work with as wood, but won't rot like it. you expect to find pvc . “cellular” pvc that has millions of tiny, uniform air .. holes and gouges in pvc lumber are easy to fill using either plastic wood filler or vinyl . Free Sample

pvc azek trim looks and cuts like wood and it lasts forever, but there are a few special installation techniques you need to know for a successful areas that are completely protected from water, like under a soffit, you can use a 15-gauge air nailer with galvanized nails and fill the holes with paintable caulk or filler. Free Sample

today, people want the beauty of wood without the high cost of maintenance that goes with it. that's why they're turning to kleer cellular pvc products. kleer provides affordable, sustainable, low maintenance alternatives to wood trim and wood exterior products without compromising beauty or function. kleer products make . Free Sample

when comparing the cost of this fastening system to nails, keep in mind that you won't have to go back over the trim filling in the nail holes. 7. what are your . mr. clean magic erasers with a little water, or corte clean, a composite deck cleaner that has been found to clean cellular pvc trim. as with any . Free Sample

filling nail holes. use sealant designed to work with cellular pvc products. once the product has set up, you may have to sand the area to achieve a finished appearance. if painting, caulk or glue designed for use with cellular pvc is sufficient. do not use caulks containing silicone. avoid “stick” type nail “putty” that . Free Sample

cellular pvc trim. installation guidelines er substrates. consult adhesive labeling to determine suitability. glue joints should be secured with fasteners on each side of the joint.good with fill-n-finish light wood filler and shrink. free spackling.periodic removal of shaving from the drill hole may be necessary. Free Sample

q. how can i fasten palight trimboard? a. for the cleanest look, use palight cortex fasteners, which come with a countersink drill bit and color-matched plugs. no pre-drilling necessary. nail guns also work well with palight trimboard. fill nail holes with a pvc putty. (keep the. everclean film in place to provide masking.). Free Sample

would seem that anything we caulk the stuff with, fill nail holes with would look differently than the rest of the materials. anyone? or know what i .. trim and not painting it. the cellular pvc will not mildew however there is a possibility that something on the surface of the pvc could support organic growth. Free Sample

use this two-part epoxy putty when filling nail holes in pvc. cures off-white to light grey. sand, drill and paint for just the right finish in any installation. Free Sample