best solutions for ugly patio

patio that's in good condition but not very exciting to look at? you don't need to rip it out and start over to upgrade its appearance. resurfacing with a cement-based overlay or microtopping is a great option for adding a decorative touch to an existing concrete patio while covering . Free Sample

best patio shade solutions? most homeowners are not fortunate enough to have a patio that is well shaded. let's explore your options . ugly way: invest in a pop up tent like you see at soccer games and street festivals. long-term value solution: get a well-made patio cover, lattice cover, or patio awning. Free Sample

patio privacy screenbackyard privacygarden privacygarden gateswooden garden gate. love this wood fencing turned on its side. modern solution to ugly fencing. how to: a smart solution for covering an ugly, existing chain link fence curbly . Free Sample

these sunshiny ideas will turn your itty-bitty outdoor space into an awesome retreat . nothing spruces up an ugly backyard fence like a vertical garden. this lush wall garden designed by . a no-mow yard that's also drought-tolerant also known as a xeriscape is the solution. the owners of this sweet . Free Sample

are you in need of patio design ideas? if your deck has seen better days, but you have no idea where to start giving it a face-lift, don't despair! after checking out countless decks, as well as looking into what needs to be done to recreate the great ones, i have come up with several ideas you can use in order . Free Sample

next, hose everything off. a pressure washer works best to clear off any loose dirt (since my patio is level with the ground, hosing things off just right so as to not wash dirt back onto the patio proved to be a little bit of a challenge). i borrowed my dad's pressure washer and had a lot of fun. allow the patio to . Free Sample

patio using concrete resurfacer . ugly concrete can be cured with concrete surfacing compound. this material mixes like concrete but is designed to work in thinner applications. first you'll want fill any cracks you may have with the . Free Sample

ugly color (power washing is also a good idea). i fell in love . i love the idea of stringing lights over the patio, but we never quite figured out the best way to hang them since the patio is pretty large. so for now . Free Sample

well, we finally finished staining our concrete patio to look like tile! how to stain your . it doesn't look as bad in these pictures as it did in person, but believe meit didn't look good. img_6634. as i was trying to decorate the patio with furniture, i just couldn't get pass how ugly the floor looked. so i wanted to . Free Sample

but have they come far enough? in this blog, find out if patio doors still leak air or water and are hard to slide! . from heavy and ugly, to sleek and smooth, patio doors have come a long way . it will be best to speak with a specialist in your area to determine what options are best suited for the local climate. Free Sample

i could sure use about 10 full days to cut back my unruly garden. why didn't i keep this simple? i ask myself. enthusiasm to wrangle mountains of out-of-control perennials quickly wanes when sunday morning heats up faster than neglected noodles on the stove. even though drought-tough plants are . Free Sample

ugly in just a few years. but there's a simple . covering concrete with paver bricks is much easier than pouring new concrete or laying pavers the traditional way. it requires less skill and less . cool your scorching deck or patio! search for shade to . Free Sample

best solution is always to keep on top of it - keep the area keep and tidy and free from as much dirt as possible. weed and grass growth in patio joint. grass growth in patio joint. cleaning and power washing. along with simple brushing, the occasional scrub down soapy water can work . Free Sample

sliding door blinds are the most common window treatments and provide the best solution for privacy concerns in a home where sliding doors and french . blinds (they break, get dirty, they make noise, most are ugly), you can now buy specialty sliding glass patio doors that have horizontal blinds built-in. Free Sample