phenolic resin panel rainscreen

form and functionality sets our products apart to give an array or choices for exterior design and performance. we have partnered with proven manufacturers who understand what quality means in the products they produce. in addition, we bring a high level of customer service, product and system expertise to everything . Free Sample

phenolic panels (often times called compact panels), are created by encapsulating a decor layer within a phenolic resin and melamine sheet. phenolic panels are available for interior and exterior applications, are extremely durable and are an excellent choice for exterior and interior wall claddings and anywhere the . Free Sample

a. section includes: 1. exterior solid phenolic rain screen wall panels and aluminum supporting substructure . a. general performance: solid phenolic exterior rain screen wall panel system, aluminum substructure, and .. rain screen material: solid phenolic resin, fire-retardant exterior grade rain screen panel with double . Free Sample

systems. seco is pleased to be aligned with some of the world's finest wall system manufacturers! architechtural panels · acm/mcm systems · architechtural panels. custom fabrication · architechtural panels · architectural wall systems · architechtural panels. phenolic resin rainscreen systems · architechtural panels. Free Sample

the exterior facade of h m features face-fastened phenolic panels in a rainscreen configuration. composed of thermoset resins and reinforced with cellulose fiber, these panels have great strength and durability. easily machined and cut into a variety of shapes and sizes, this durable and versatile material allows for . Free Sample

werzalit of america, inc. phenolic panels remains aesthetically pleasing while offering a high standard of hygiene, strength and durability for diverse applications. werzalti of america, inc. technology transforms fibers and phenolic resins, under high pressure and at high temperatures, into robust compact laminate panels . Free Sample

a compartmentalized pressure-equalized rainscreen system that can support a variety of metal surfaces including curved panels. suitable . a compartmentalized pressure-equalized rainscreen system that supports thicker metal plate surfaces with a floating panel edge. suitable . phenolic laminate, fiber cement. Free Sample

the outer appearance, or inner qualities? anyone looking for a material for exterior wall cladding, rainscreen facades, or balcony terraces no doubt already has the answer. both are equally important when it comes to selecting the very best rainscreen facade materials. particularly in the case of exterior wall cladding and . Free Sample

welcome to fiberesin. fiberesin is an american manufacturer of decorative construction materials and furniture components. architectural cladding panels. architects can realize new distinctive designs both inside and outside their buildings with the fresh colors and patterns available on fiberesin stonewood rainscreen . Free Sample

abet laminati has been at the forefront with its durable exterior grade phenolic (egp) meg wall panels which it first began manufacturing in 1995. meg's egp panels are rigid, homogenous flat panels manufactured utilizing thermosetting resins reinforced with cellulose fibers. produced under high temperature and . Free Sample

welcome to phoenix panels. phoenix panels is a premier fabricator of engineered and tested, pressure-equalized rainscreen cladding systems and fabrication services for custom designed extrusions, and panel fabrication for fiber cement and phenolic resin panels. servicing the western u.s., alaska and hawaii, . Free Sample

since its founding in 1960, netherlands based trespa has worked closely with architects, designers, installers, distributors and end users globally. trespa's focus is on product development. where they combine quality manufacturing technologies with intelligent solutions for architectural applications. with unique insights . Free Sample

68 products . vivix architectural panels by formica group. a fresh perspective in architectural panels. vivix solid phenolic, engineered exterior fa├žade panels, have a decorative surface on both sides. this lightweight rainscreen cladding solution combines excellent weather and uv resistance properties for enhanced . Free Sample

exterior solid phenolic cladding panel system and accessories as required for a complete drained and back-ventilated rainscreen system. 1. wall panels. 2. fascia.en 438-2 - decorative high pressure laminate (hpl) sheets based on thermosetting resins - determination of properties. 2. en 12524 - building materials . Free Sample

stonewood architectural panels, manufactured by fiberesin industries, are solid phenolic panels. they can be used as an exterior ventilated (open joint) panel or as a decorative, durable interior wall covering. to produce stonewood panels, kraft sheets are impregnated with phenolic resins then thermally fused into a . Free Sample

meg f1 panels are high performance exterior grade phenolic panels for rainscreen cladding applications. these high pressure (hpl) panels are made up of layers of phenolic resin-impregnated cellulose fibers with a decorative surface layer of cellulose fibers impregnated with thermosetting resins. unlike many hpl . Free Sample

december 21, 2015. abet laminati is renowned worldwide for its rich history as an arts and industry leader in laminates. for over 50 years, abet laminati has been developing high pressure laminates that blend high quality with exquisite design. in 1995, abet used its expertise in interior laminates to create . Free Sample