screwing composite wood to composite joist

steel deck screw already set in the fastener for increased durability and easier installation. available in versions for Coppola elevations® steel framing or for wood framing. 1 box covers 50 sq. ft. (4.6 m); 1 bucket covers 500 sq. ft. (46.5 m). Coppola hideaway universal fastener. Coppola hideaway hidden . Free Sample

joist(if not pre slotted) place clip in slot pre drill clip/slot above every joist (can maybe skip this step if using softer wood, pine, composite etc.) insert screws and tighten don't over tighten as the screw will pull through the clip. if this happens back out screw and flip the clip and tighten . Free Sample

thinking of replacing your wood deck with rot-resistant composite decking material? . don't just assume it can span joists on 16-inch centers . you can also drive decking screws or stainless-steel trim-head screws through the top of the board, but be warned: this allows moisture to seep into the wood . Free Sample

composite screws. two unique composite screw choices, specially designed to meet the complex issues surrounding the fastening of varying types of composite (plastic/wood) decking to a wood joist structure. both feature our acq rated finish, specifically designed to provide enduring rust resistance when used . Free Sample

composite decking and railing offers the natural look of wood without the ongoing maintenance. these durable . pre-drilling and countersinking are not required when using the veranda hidden fastener, but we recommend doing both before driving screws within 1" of all board ends. pre-drilling and . Free Sample

joist. stretch a chalk line across the joists to find high spots and plane them down. most pvc and composite products aren't as rigid as wood, so they . you just countersink the screws using the special bit included with the kit, and hammer in a plug that's made of the exact same material as the decking. Free Sample

screws should be driven flush with the veranda surface. do not over-tighten the screws. use two fasteners per deck board at each joist. for any decking where two boards meet end-to-end over a joist, add additional blocking (see figure 1). always pre-drill a pilot hole at board ends when using either composite or wood . Free Sample