risk factors for wood composite pvc boards

dozens of manufacturers together churn out millions of board feet of wood-plastic composites a year . how a particular brand of composite decking performs depends on a variety of factors, including what it's made of the type of plastic, the kinds of . regular cleaning can reduce the risk of mold. Free Sample

factors in choosing decking boards for your project include price, availability, construction flexibility, mainte-. there are three main types of boards that can be used to make decks: preservative-treated wood, naturally durable wood and wood/ plastic composite (wpc) lumber. untreated, non-durable . Free Sample

a platform deck, which is low to or directly on the ground, is at risk for ground moisture and dampness seeping into the wood. shady yards . still, composite has come a long way in the last twenty years, so it no longer has to look like the plastic material used to make a children's play set. most composite is . Free Sample

composite and pvc decking -- in many grains and colors -- can give the look of premium wood without warping or splintering . this strong surface is bonded to the core to create a hard-wearing deck board with premium, realistic wood looks that last. paramount decking is backed by a . Free Sample

factors affect the long-term performance of wood-plastic composites including the wood/plastic ratio, wood species and fiber size, the type of plastic resin and . with so many products, you can now find synthetic and composite deck boards in almost any natural or stained wood color and with a smooth surface or . Free Sample

pvc and plastic lumber (hdpehigh-density polyethylene) decking, both of which install similarly to composites . factor 2: is your deck used in the hot sun? how to . you won't need to pop for specialized tools because composite planks install using the same basic tools as any wood deck. but the . Free Sample

wood composite, plastic, and fiber-cement trim products promise to hold paint better than solid wood . how their engineered trims differ from the materials involved in the class-action siding lawsuits, manufacturers speak vaguely of "optimized resin content," "a proprietary edge seal," or "chemical treatment for rot resistance. Free Sample

wood grain, there's no danger of splinters either. simple to maintain composite decking only requires occasional cleaning with soap and water. which means no more messy wood treatment . Free Sample