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in fact, that image of a room with antique furniture and lots of books, a desk and sliding doors is not the only type of interior design a home library can have. so try to distance . don't bother combining functions and including bookcases in your living room's design when you have a staircase. the space . Free Sample

though there are few concrete rules to laying out a living room's furniture (each space is different, after all), some might agree that putting a furniture piece directly in front of another furniture piece would be like double parking in your living room. Free Sample

shelves offer a relatively inexpensive way to store and display items and make a space feel lighter and bigger. here are some creative open shelving ideas. Free Sample

living rooms in this list white furniture and decoration, wooden and glass accents here and there and one glorious bookshelf that covers an entire wall! i like how they added the books on the upper most part for people to somehow exert effort in getting to them but of course, this is not . Free Sample

bookcase ideas and designs from the house garden archive. from to floor-to-ceiling library shelves to bookcase ideas for living rooms, studies and beyond - with designs as inspiring as the tomes that fill them. other things you may find useful: living room ideas | small space ideas | bedroom ideas | bathroom ideas . Free Sample

vintage trunks are also ideal for this job and will add character to your living room, too. create space on your coffee table for hot mugs of tea by relocating books and magazines to shelves. bookcases aren't just for traditional-style rooms; modular shelving units and ladder-style shelves are ideal for . Free Sample