wood bed floors for trucks

we take a look at an oak floor in the bed of a chevy truck that was redone. the oak wood was sanded down, a dark stain was applied and top coated with 6 coat. Free Sample

bed wood is when you are restoring your truck or getting it ready to show. we use high quality select grade kiln dried red oak and professional craftsmanship in every floor we make. bed wood is grooved, sanded, cut-to-size (same as the original) and ready-to-finish. our show . Free Sample

car shows routinely feature older trucks as part of the vintage street rod celebration. the trucks represent some of the greatest functional designs of the industrial era, complete with wood floors in the beds. many of these pickups have wood floors created by the same manufacturer, bed wood and parts. Free Sample

vehicle, and you can finish them just the way you want! these bed wood kits are made from the finest quality kiln dried white oak available. boards are hand selected for grain match to ensure the best looking bed floor possible. to create a complete . Free Sample

the reason they must be level is to guarantee and even coat on the bed wood . a good finishing job enhances your truck and will give you good service . after the finish has cured for about 30 days, apply a good coat of carnuba paste floor wax to seal and preserve your beautifully finished bed wood. Free Sample

trucks, including pickup bed parts, wood bed floors, body moldings, hardware items and many custom parts. american-made mar-k products are acclaimed to be the best quality in the industry. at mar-k we build our parts for owners and . Free Sample

give your chevy or gmc truck a custom, hand-crafted look with a beautiful wood floor for your truck bed. sanded, grooved and precision cut for both long- and short-bed fleetside and stepside models of 1947-72 chevy and gmc trucks, bed wood is available in a variety of finishes, including red cedar. Free Sample

bed parts for ford chevy dodge . specify the year, make, model and box length of your truck when placing order (see order form). exhaust . now it's possible to convert your worn out, rusty metal bed floor in your '67-'72 fleetside to a show-winning hardwood and stainless strip floor. Free Sample

retroliner, the perfect truck accessory for your late model pickup truck, suv, or custom. this real bed wood bed liner installs right over your existing metal floor, with no drilling required. available from your choice of over 40 exotic and domestic hardwoods. give your ride that classic truck style with the . Free Sample

oak bed wood kit chevy 1963 1964 1965 1966 chevrolet short strips stepside truck. this wood bed kit is used to replace the complete wood bed floor in your pickup. bed strips have square holes for carriage bolts according to the original pattern. stainless hardware is included to install the wood and . Free Sample

wooden truck bed is a nice finishing touch for any truck, but is almost mandatory for the classic american pickup. wood beds are . to the bed sides. fit the chrome bolt strips into place between the boards and fit the bolts through the holes in the bolt strips and the holes in the floor frame to check for proper fit. Free Sample

now enthusiasts can get the classic look of a wood bed for any pickup, classic or luxury wagon, suv or crossover with a retrolinertm. bed wood and parts has developed a complete bedwood kit that will outfit any modern vehicle having a load floor with the quality and good look of wood. Free Sample

trucks including rodding replacement, bed parts, woodbed, and bedwood for ford chevy dodge pickups . horkey's wood and parts offers top quality, domestic and exotic hardwood and stainless steel pickup bed floors. since 1980, we've supplied all the parts necessary to make your . Free Sample