how to tongue and groove the end of a board

tongue and groove pattern whitewood board -6 . then, with my nail gun, i added 3┬Ż in. trim to both sides of the dining room wall so that the ends of the tongue and groove planks would not be visible. Free Sample

a number of specialized terms are used in woodworking. contents. a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z. a[edit]. applied carving - background which is worked separately and then applied, rather than being worked in place. architrave - ornamental mouldings around a door or window frame, covering the . Free Sample

tongue-and-groove (aka t g) boards is a fast, inexpensive way to panel any ceiling or wall . prep the ends. recut the ends of every board. you'll remove staples left over from shipping wrap, cut away any splits and get clean, square edges. one of the best tricks to get a professional-looking installation is to add a . Free Sample

tongue-and-groove joint. the same bit can be used to cut both pieces of the joint. cut the groove first. set the fence on the router table so that the bit will cut approximately through the center of the board. turn the board around and make . Free Sample

tongue and groove joints. depending on one's shop tools, and the quantity of boards there are different recommendations as to which technique is best. most of your decision making as to which technique to use depends on two variables: your shop tools and the quantity of . Free Sample

tips for tongue and groove flooring . on a large project, the first thing to know about installing tongue-and-groove flooring is that installing the boards should be the last thing you do. i like to install them after . popping finish nails into the face of the starting and end-wall boards makes quick work of nailing. Free Sample

there are many ways to cut a tongue and groove joint in this article from bill hylton, learn several power-tool techniques . for the groove. sight down across the end of the stock and align a centerline drawn on it with the center of the cutter . a matching tongue is formed on the edge of the mating board. Free Sample

tongue-and-groove joints are really mortise-and-tenon joints just really, really long ones with different component names that more accurately describe their . with the fence and featherboard still in place, flip the board around with the opposite face against the fence and run it through a second time. Free Sample

milling each board with a tongue on one end and a groove on the other might be quite a feat if you aren't equipped with a shaper or a heavy-duty router table. but after squaring the ends of the boards, i'd use a biscuit joiner to put a slot in the end of each board instead (see drawing). it would be fairly simple . Free Sample

tongue and groove board has a protruding ridge (the tongue) that runs the entire length of the board, while the other side of the board has a groove from end to end. during installation, the ridge side of one board is fitted into the groove side of an adjacent board, creating a snug seam. Free Sample

tongue groove nail-down installation instructions. tools techniques. tongue groove nail-down installation. step 2 - starting second row. start second row with cut off end of last board from previous row (fig. 2a). remember to allow for expansion gap and shim accordingly. use knocking block . Free Sample

end-matched. this method eliminates the need for mitre joints, face nailing, and the use of joints on 16-inch (410 mm) or 24-inch (610 mm) centres of conventional framing. for many uses, tongue and groove boards have been rendered obsolete by the introduction of plywood . Free Sample

tongue and groove joints, it is advisable to lay out the boards to try and find the combination that will look the best. place the boards in an order that will align similar colors, grain patterns and knot locations that will look the best. also, to avoid issues with cupping or warping down the line, alternate the end . Free Sample

tongue and groove is very slightly more work than the above. if you have appropriate tools (a router will for example do, but manual tools are perfectly fine), it's a matter of minutes. i'm using a plow plane for that since taking the router out of the box and assembling/adjusting everything takes about as long . Free Sample

boards edge to edge. from boatman's notes, cb july 2012. 1: face sides marked and edges scribed for grooving. 2: begin cutting at the far end of the piece and work back 3: the fence is flat against the face side 4: grooves cut to one third the width of the piece and a little deeper than wide 5: ripping wood for the . Free Sample