installing laminate wood flooring over plywood

we want to install either laminate or hardwood flooring throughout most of our home. the home is about 35 years old. i pulled up all the carpet and found 3/4" particle board over 1/2" plywood board subfloor underneath the carpet. it is particle board and not osb. the particle board does not run under the . Free Sample

laminate flooring underlayment is essential for installation as it allows to laminate flooring to expand and contract properly on top of the subfloor. laminate is a wood product and will expand according to the climate of the room. having proper underlayment will help protect your flooring from the climate and prevent warping . Free Sample

installation services may be the easiest way to handle your hardwood or laminate installation. these instructions apply to preparing a plywood subfloor . caution. a floating floor (laminate or locking hardwood) should not be installed over a wood subfloor adhered to a concrete slab. Free Sample

subfloor. if you have a concrete floor, you must use a self-leveling compound to level the floor out. if you have a wood floor, you can follow the same process. however, if the wooden floor is severely uneven, you should consider installing plywood over the top of the floor to create a . Free Sample

installing pergo laminate and hardwood floors is easy with simple click together joints . pergo laminate and locking engineered planks simply click together . clean your subfloor of all dirt and debris; if over concrete, install a vapor barrier. 3. install your floor. download our pergo installation essentials guide below or . Free Sample

over concrete slabs. concrete is porous material that pulls moisture from the air and ground. this is the reason that solid wood floors should not be installed at or below grade, or sea level. there is always moisture in the air, but too much will soak into wood planks like water into a sponge. Free Sample

plywood has several advantages over other surfaces as a subfloor for laminate flooring. installing a laminate floor requires a flat, level surface, which plywood tends to provide. if it's not . drag a level bar over the floor surface, marking any high or low points in the wood. to work as a level surface, the . Free Sample

the actual process of installing laminate floors is an easy process, especially with this type of pergo laminate floor. the padding (underlayment) is already. Free Sample

installing laminate flooring easily . installation. laminate floors can be installed directly over concrete, plywood, osb, parquet, vinyl and tile . if you want to install your laminate floor yourself, remember to stagger your seams, and avoid placing planks with identical wood grains next to each other. Free Sample

make your plywood subfloor preparation sorely: clean up all garbage from it. do not leave even dust on the plywood subfloor if you plan to use glue down tech. Free Sample

installation of your new laminate floor, you have to prep the existing floor. first off, the subfloor should be flat. if it's made of concrete, grind off any high spots. low spots should be filled with leveling compound. all carpeting and carpet padding should be removed unless the carpeting is a . Free Sample