making bench seats on existing deck

sep 26, 2017 , last weekend, i was at a party and sat on a bench that was built into the deck. it was such a clever idea, and it had handy armrests that were perfect to set food plates or drinks on. i want to build bench seating on my deck. what are the most important things to consider? although i'm not a great, Free Sample

foot print plan of deck bench seat marking the post holes in the deck. it will be necessary to cut square holes in the deck for the seat posts to slot into. the distances between seat posts will vary depending on the existing deck's joist spacings, but should never be more than 1500mm (5ft) apart. position the holes next to the, Free Sample

so i brainstormed space saving seating ideas and searched the good old world wide web, and came across a few ideas. unfortunately ,. using the image above, and your measurements for your deck make a list of how many 2 x 6s you will need for the bench fronts, seats, back supports, and top plate. Free Sample

there is lawn furniture, and then there is what you might call landscape furniture—custom seating built right into the terrain. done right, it can create a little oasis in your yard or even on your deck. take, for instance, this bench with planters for piers. senior technical editor mark powers made the entire installation from rot-, Free Sample

outdoor benches vary in size, but they typically fall in a small range of dimensions. finding the right fit for you is key. determine the exact size of the bench based on your, Free Sample

deck benches. i'm embarking on some backyard building projects and while i'm not done with the current one, i'm planning the next one. . .which basically includes re-doing the existing 4x8' deck. they built squares out of 2x material, and then mounted boards across the top/sides to make the seat. Free Sample