makeover concrete patio

8 sep 2015 . an excellent, detailed tutorial for cleaning and then painting concrete to give your patio or porch a dramatic makeover! so affordable yet so beautiful! Free Sample

what an eyesore, right? my first instinct was to get it all ripped up and put down some turf, but we quickly realised it was the best thing ever for our kids, who spent hours riding their bikes and scooters around on it. so the concrete stayed. and bugged me every time i walked out our back door. for the . Free Sample

the sorry state of our concrete patio before makeover. the concrete slab on our back patio has definitely seen better days. it was in ok shape when we first moved in and the humid, damp weather we have doesn't help it any as the years go by. several contractors have told us that it looks like the slab was . Free Sample

in this video, hawkeye custom concrete resurfaces a customer's back yard patio. there were numerous cracks, worn concrete, and a faded and chipped epoxy pain. Free Sample

when he asked the buyers what attracted them the most, they replied & you have a driveway that looks like a million bucks! bob suggests several techniques for giving any concrete surface a & million-dollar makeover: add pattern and texture. by imprinting patterns in freshly placed concrete, you can offer homeowners the . Free Sample

with not much more than a concrete slab and a patch of grass to go on, this homeowner transformed his backyard into a stylish outdoor retreat.cold concrete. before the makeover, the back patio was small and cluttered. the unwelcoming concrete slab didn't scream impromptu bbqs or intimate dinner parties with . Free Sample