2ft scalloped concrete edging

scallop 2 ft. concrete edging will add a decorative touch to your landscape or garden. the 5-1/2 in. tall, gray concrete edging is a durable-low maintenance product. use it to make an attractive walkway border or create a barrier between your lawn and other plantings. edging is a simple way to enhance your outdoor . Free Sample

scallop curve tall-profile edging stone at lowe's canada. find our selection of landscape edging at the lowest price guaranteed with price match + 10% off. Free Sample

edging but i have two raised beds, one at the base of the spa with a 25 ft crape myrtle -- i see that as a challenge but yet the focal point of the yard. the current wall is about 2ft. i have dogs and if i don't cement the stone together some how the dogs will knock it down. read less. Free Sample

scalloped red straight edging stone (common: 16-in x 2-in; actual: 15.6-in x 1.8-in) at lowe's. the scalloped edger adds a classic look to any garden, flower bed and/or pathway border. this straight version of the scalloped edger looks and can also. Free Sample

scalloped edging is made from clay or concrete, so it looks similar to brick in texture, but each piece is much longer and the edges are scalloped with a flowing, wavy pattern. the scalloped top . Free Sample

scalloped concrete edging is not only functional, it also adds an element of design to your landscape. it also keeps gravel, grass and pavers in place and serves as a transition between a flower bed and your lawn. scalloped edgers are placed in a narrow trench leaving the scalloped portion exposed and the rest of the . Free Sample

scalloped garden edging you're looking for, or wooden panel fencing, your garden will look brand new. *below products . arched feather edge gate 1.85m £44.99. tree pole 8ft £5.99. tree pole 6ft £3.99. landscape pole 6ft £5.49. landscape pole 4ft £4.49. landscape pole 2ft £3.49. fixing spike . Free Sample