how to build a second story balcony

the longer the materials will last, the longer the balcony design will last. balcony decks are typically replaced using conventional methods of posts and foundations. cantilevered decks or balcony decks without support posts is a controversial subject in the deck building world. balcony deck. this small 4' x 6' balcony . Free Sample

a deck can handle even the rowdiest gang of fraternity brothers as long as the beam that carries the floor joists is properly bolted to the side of the house. unlike bolts, nails can pull out — and without warning. Free Sample

unlikely you can or should build on top of the existing patio cover - you will need a structural engineer to do plans for this job anyway so he can see if it can be incorporated, but unlikely economic to do so - though moving it up as a cover over the new deck might be a possibility. also, if existing posts are not . Free Sample

in my opinion there's not a second story room in any house that wouldn't be enhanced by adding a deck to it. why not be able to step out onto the balcony deck of your bedroom and stretch and yawn, and greet the and in your bathrobe if you like? decks extend our living space without costing very much. Free Sample

squeeze in a sweet spot i love the little second-floor balcony that's been squeezed in at the back of this house. with large, contemporary glazed spaces on the floors below, the scale as you go up the house diminishes slowly, as if there's a hierarchy to the building akin to its victorian heart. do you have a balcony or roof . Free Sample

the most suitable staircase will depend on the height of your balcony and the garden space available. wide, straight staircases are ideal if the balcony serves as the main access route to the garden, whilst a metal spiral staircase can provide a stylish, compact option for first or second storey balconies. Free Sample

i'm a building inspector in new haven, conn. recently, a city housing inspector asked me to check out a deck that he had seen on a three-family tenement. he said, in what turned out to be an understatement, & something doesn't look right. before visiting the property, i looked up the information available . Free Sample