using 2x4 as landscape edging

even better, you can use 2-inch by 4-inch lumber to build concrete forms for pouring a patio slab. whether you're installing pavers or pouring a slab, the building process is the same: simple butt joints connect separate pieces of lumber, and stakes anchor the lumber to the ground. and remember, if you . Free Sample

landscape lumber, more commonly referred to as landscape timber, is used to create structures within a landscape, including short retaining walls, steps and edging . mark the location of each rebar section and, in subsequent courses, spikes, on the face of the timber using chalk if you are going to stack and secure one or . Free Sample

with the use of decorative edging, it is easier than ever to create solid boundaries between your lawn and garden or driveway. this guide will teach you how to add both definition and design to your landscape using edging. shop all landscape edging . Free Sample

use steel edge restraints for precast pavers and any time you want to restrain the edging material without the restraint being visible. wood/landscape timbers: use only wood edging made of naturally resistant species or pressure-treated stock rated for ground contact. backfill the . drive 2x4 stakes every 3-4 feet. attach 2x . Free Sample

edging is best? one of the most commonly used materials is treated landscape timbers. they're inexpensive, last a long time and are easy to install. they may be stacked end to end or stacked and secured with long galvanized nails. railroad ties are inexpensive, last forever and make a bold statement, but . Free Sample

use spikes connect timbers - landscape timber edging. drill pilot holes slightly smaller than the diameter of a 10-inch spike at each end and every 4 feet along the second course. drive a 10-inch spike into each hole with a 3-pound sledgehammer. Free Sample

edging pieces that you plan to use. use a tool . simply place your edging on top of the ground where desired, protect the top of the edging with a 2x4 or similar and using your 3 lb. mallet, hammer it in to the desired depth. Free Sample

use the total linear feet of border to order edging. you'll also need enough 10-in.-long spikes to install one every 12 in. to ensure that the bricks remain stable and won't tip when you wheel a lawn mower over them, the new compacted base should be 6 in. wider than the brick and extend 6 in. below the bottom of the brick. Free Sample