general decription of 2x6x12 board

board must have a length in feet, inches or both. each field must have a value in it, even if the value is "0"; "0" is the default for both and one must be changed. leading zeros do not effect calculations. each board must have a width in inches and a depth, also in inches. for instance, a 2 x 4 is (by definition only) 2 . Free Sample

2x6x12. variation: 2x6x12. *prices may vary by variation . description documents. this lumber has been pressure . ac2® brand treated wood products use micropro technology, which is a revolutionary way to pressure treat wood for decks, fences, landscaping, and general construction uses. micropro . Free Sample

the following is an article by professor gene wengert that defines just what a board foot is. the original questions which spurred this post follow the article. the definition of a board foot is rather simple--one board foot is a piece of lumber that is 1 foot wide, 1 foot long and 1 inch thick, or its volumetric . Free Sample

description: carpenter. problem: determine the lumber cost of a 12' x 16' redwood deck for a hot tub. solid lumber is sold by the board footage. a board foot is defined as a piece of lumber 1 inch thick by 12 inches wide by 12 inches long, or 144 cubic . Free Sample

board-foot is a unit of measure for the volume of lumber in the united states and canada. it is the volume of a one-foot length of a board one foot wide and one inch thick. board-foot can be abbreviated fbm (for "foot, board measure"), bdft, or bf. thousand board-feet can be abbreviated as mfbm, mbft, or mbf. Free Sample

i'd go with @aarthi's load bearing table resource for a general idea of what's reasonable. enter image description here . your second problem is going to be not just that it won't support a big dog but that as they swing the board has the tendency to bow, which weakens its ability to support even more. Free Sample