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teak: tectona grandis large deciduous tree of the family verbenaceae, or its wood, one of the most valuable timbers. teak has been widely used in india for more than 2000 years. the. Free Sample

the international teak information network (teaknet) supported by the food and agriculture organization (fao) regional office for asia-pacific, bangkok, currently has its offices at the kerala forest research institute, peechi, thrissur, kerala state in india. teaknet is an international network of institutions and individuals . Free Sample

teak (/tik/) is a tropical hardwood tree of species tectona grandis. the species is placed in the family lamiaceae. tectona grandis is a large, deciduous tree that is dominant in mixed hardwood forests. it has small, fragrant white flowers and papery leaves that are often hairy on the lower surface. it is sometimes known as the . Free Sample

asia (myanmar and thailand), but it can be found on the plantations around the world today. it tolerates various climate conditions and thrives in different habitats. teak can be found in arid and moist areas, on the hillsides and forests, from the sea level to the altitude of 3.000 feet. people cultivate teak as a source of wood. Free Sample

teak has been reported as a sensitizer. usually most common reactions simply include eye, skin, and respiratory irritation, as well as other health effects, such as pink eye, rash, nausea, asthma-like symptoms, and vision effects. see the articles wood allergies and toxicity and wood dust safety for more information. Free Sample

teak, tall deciduous tree (tectona grandis) of the family verbenaceae (verbena family), native to india and malaysia but now widely cultivated in other tropical areas. unfortunately, the wood of plantation teak is considered inferior to that of wild teak; consequently the wild populations are being decimated. teakwood is . Free Sample

information teak wood furniture. teak furniture are old, split yet very trendy. where pine furniture a few years ago were still a hype, teak furniture now seem to be flocking to conquer the world. everything can be made to measure for you. without more price and no down payments! Free Sample

similar to black locust in north america, teak has been used for fence posts, railway ties and building foundations because of its water repellent qualities and resistance to rot. tree experts refer to teak as the perfect wood because it combines the strength of oak and the water repellent properties of western red cedar with . Free Sample

this teak oil treatment will wear away over a period of time. in addition, all buyers have to understand that this furniture is not teakwood, though many who have purchased it believe that it is. this assumption could be due to misinformation on their part or false information on the seller's part. one reason for . Free Sample

grain is usually straight, but due to teak's high degree of ring porosity, longitudinal streaks and an uneven texture, ranging from coarse to smooth, are typical. the freshly cut wood can be variable in colour, with blotches and streaks, but prolonged exposure to light ameliorates the more extreme variations. teak contains an . Free Sample

teak wood farming information guide :- introduction about teak wood :- teak wood known as king of timber belongs to the family verbenaceae. it's scientific name is tectona grandis. it grows as a huge tree and yields excellent quality wood. Free Sample

i bought some land from intercon for teak farming on indore-bhopal highway, close to the central govt's smart city project and has given on contract for teak farming. more information can be viewed at teak trees plantation, teakwood farmland, sagwan farming, land in india my purpose was to invest in . Free Sample

a-grade teak is the most premium teak wood available. find out what a-grade teak is and why teak warehouse uses only a-grade in new teak outdoor furniture. Free Sample

what are teak trees? they are tall, dramatic members of the mint family. they produce wood that is known for its durability and beauty. for more teak tree facts and information about teak tree uses, refer to this article. Free Sample

eco india provides complete information on other species of teak tree, cultivation of teak, production of teak, classification of teak, scientific name of teak, plantation of teak, propagation of teak, production of teak, classification of teak. teak is also the medicinal plant of india. the site provides the full description of the teak . Free Sample

the teak tree, or tectona, is one of the tropical hardwood birches, included in the family verbenaceae. this tree is originally from the plantations of south east asia, and can grow to a height of 30 - 40 m. as part of its life cycle, this tree sheds its leaves every year at dry season. its longevity is very great, the teak tree often . Free Sample

teak wood info. teak is one of the most valuable timbers, & the king under the timbers& , in ancient times considered as & a royal timber& . teak is world wide recognized for its durability and stability, the timber is immense stable, has a high oil content that works as & built-in natural water repellent and is therefore virtually . Free Sample

4 mar 2010 . after a little break we are back with part 3 of our series on wood types. this week i'll be discussing teak. if you haven't already read parts 1 and 2, feel free to go check them out here: all about pine wood all about oak wood. a little info about teak. teak is a deciduous tree with a latin name of tectona . Free Sample