pontoon boat floor stringers

stringers, bulkhead deck re-coring with composite material; dock rash repair and refinishing; fiberglass structural . pontoon boat rotted wood replacement carpeting Free Sample

floors there will not be spacer blocks, the side of the floor board will simply be cut to hold the stringer in the correct place. inflatable boat floor. here is the stern floor board tucked under the tubes on the sides and ready to slide into the aluminum channel mounted on the transom. many boats simply have two . Free Sample

boat is one of life's great pleasures, and since you already chose the right boat, let us be the right choice for your marine service center. whether your boat needs repaired or spruced up, it's best to call the professionals for a quality job. starboard marine wants to maximize your boating experience by . Free Sample

pontoon boats richly featured for fun, safety, durability, comfort and convenience. every year . z-bar cross members, which support the deck, extend the full width of the boat, acting like floor joists in a house. these cross members are bolted to the . Free Sample

pontoon boats don't do this.by doing . the floor is fastened to the stringers by holes drilled through the plate, exposing the stringer underneath. then the . Free Sample

stringer system most fiberglass fishing boats are built with wood in such strategic areas as the stringer system, transom, deck and floor. over time, wood can rot, leading to structural failures. even wood thoroughly encapsulated with fiberglass still contains water and can expand and contract over time, which may lead . Free Sample

boat. right now the floor has been ripped up and stringers removed and also managed to grind down the old fibergass that was used to hold the flooring and stringers down. here is my plan of attack for next stages once i have the new stringers and . Free Sample

deck screws to attach the plywood to my pontoon boat's frame? answer: all pontoon boats use aluminum cross-members or stringers to connect the tubes of the pontoon. your plywood decking sits on top of these cross-members and creates the floor for your boat. our pontoon deck screws are . Free Sample

pontoon boat . due to variations in distance from support to support, we recommend using the same thickness as the material being removed from the boat . is this being used in floors or aluminum boats in half inch thickness or is it not rigid enough. Free Sample

pontoon boat kits. pontoons are made in a manufacturing facility that is registered to iso 9001:2000 specs. built to government standards - certification of kit by transport canada if required. journeyman welders. Free Sample

the colby compass was constructed from a godfrey marine, 24 foot, sweetwater style, pontoon boat. the hull was custom ordered with 25" pontoons for extra capacity, a vinyl deck, and a hatch located 8' back from the bow. the deck stringers on each side of the hatch were reinforced with aluminum c . Free Sample

floor, and stringers in a boat are, collectively, the most important elements of its construction . our highly skilled technicians can provide anything from transom replacement services to serious structural damages, on all types, sizes, and styles of boats, including yachts and pontoons. call us at for a free . Free Sample

floor and stringers. lifting deck to expose floor, transom, stringers and bulkheads. deck separated from hull. damaged structural components. floor removed. rotten stringers and bulkheads being removed. transom replaced new structural components being fitted. new floor stringers and bulkheads being . Free Sample