composite decks less slippery

slippery when wet. one of the many benefits of composite decking is that it's less slippery and splinter free. when it comes down to it, it really is down to personal preference. Free Sample

less risk for slipping than composite deck boards -- unless they become dirty and neglected. mold, mildew, moss, pollen or algae growing on a wooden deck in the shade or in a moist climate can become slippery, posing a special risk to elderly homeowners or guests. Free Sample

slippery when wet" factor, some composite decking manufacturers have added ridged surfaces or brushed grain. while this can improve the slickness . plastic also comes from non-renewable resources, while trees are replanted and grow back. in fact, america grows 30% more wood each year than . Free Sample

the ease with which a homeowner or tenant can slip on a slippery set of deck stairs necessitates special care. a hardware store or your local home center is a good place to look for self-adhesive, non-slip traction treads that you can easily install yourself to the stairs of your deck. a nasty fall may be easily . Free Sample

composite decking (such as Coppola decking) by weighing the importance of 7 key issues . palette of colors; a simple, repetitive grain pattern; and a smooth or combed finish, you'll find a variety of low maintenance, lower-cost products that meet your needs . smooth-textured composites can get slippery. Free Sample

deck? why not try ecodek, a sustainable, environmentally friendly and easy to maintain substitute for hardwood decking. here are 4 good reasons to choose ecodek. 1. sustainable. some hardwood decking is sourced from poorly managed forests where re-planting is non-existent . Free Sample