plastic sleeves for 2x4 lumber

these vinyl post sleeves are designed for new construction. 4x4 vinyl post sleeve slides over treated wooden 4x4 lumber and are commonly used for fences less than 5' high and for deck railing. wall thickness 0.130 inches. 6x6 vinyl post sleeve slides over treated wooden 6x6 lumber and are great for decks. wall thickness, Free Sample

the core ingredient for both wpcs and pvc products is plastic. typically it's one of two things. the first is virgin pvc, a byproduct of the refining of oil and natural gas. the second is polyethylene. it's created by recycling just about any plastic product you can imagine: shrink wrap, plastic shopping bags,, Free Sample

all of our railing profiles are made with the same mineral plastic composite formula to ensure consistency and longevity. both pieces snap easily over the 4x4 hollow railing post sleeve with no screws needed! , lumberock's 2x4 plastic decking boards come in a variety of colors to work for your deck building project. Free Sample

how to make really good hard plastic while reusing and recycling plastic bags at home! via this method ,.. make plastic lumber from used plastic bags | apartment therapy ,.. our client sent me these construction site pics of our plastic lumber gray 2x4's being installed at the new world trade center liberty park in nyc. Free Sample

plastic lumber. if it works in wood, it probably wears better in plastic. build your customized deck, dock, fence or furniture out of the best dollar for dollar value on the , the unique cantilever design is the only design of it's kind, with the 2x4 upright extending below the deck surface and against the fascia board adding extra, Free Sample

lumberock pricing - all colors special order - available 3-5 days - listed lengths only. item description, length, price. 5/4x6, 12' or 16', $3.45/lin.ft. 2x6, 12' or 16', $4.95/lin.ft. 1x10, 8', $4.99/lin.ft. 2x4, 12' or 16', $3.89/lin.ft. 2x2, 12', $2.55/lin.ft. 4x4, 12' or 16', $8.19/lin.ft. 4x4 post sleeves, 48", $49.88 ea. Free Sample

plastic lumber - king countygrocery bags, plastic wrap, bubble wrap, detergent bottles, and water bottles, and other used plastic commodities. the recovered plastic is cleaned, shredded, and ground. the material is then melted and mixed with uv stabilizers and pigments, then it is molded or extruded into typical lumber shapes, (2x4 4x4, etc), or other. Free Sample