how to put in a picket fence

i’m just so excited to share how the old depot project is coming together. we recently put up the picket fence and it’s the best feeling to see something being , Free Sample

dig the post holes 10 to 12 inches across and 24 inches deep. cut the posts to length. picket fence posts typically are 2 to 3 inches shorter than the tops of the pickets, which vary in height. figure the post length by subtracting 3 inches from your picket height and then adding 24 inches for the hole. Free Sample

run a string from the top of each fence post to use to level and align the fence panels. position each fence panel on the posts, leaving approximately 2” of space between the bottom of the pickets and the ground, this distance will keep water from soaking into the bottom of the pickets and allow a string trimmer to easily cut the grass under the fence. Free Sample

using concrete can be an easy way to make sure picket fence posts are set. learn how to secure fence posts using concrete from a professional contractor in , Free Sample

i currently have a white picket fence that needs repaired because where the pickets meet the top board , hoping to get ours put up next spring as we finally have , Free Sample

go one or two posts down and install another picket just like the first one, but only pound in one nail through the picket and into the top stringer but not all the way in. step 8 tap a nail into the top edge of the first picket and tie a string around it. Free Sample

pour gravel in the vinyl picket fence post holes add about six inches of gravel to the bottom of the vinyl picket fence post holes for drainage. even though the posts are vinyl and rot-proof, water standing in the post holes can let the posts shift over time. Free Sample

hammer a pair of stakes into the ground marking the end posts of the picket fence. tie a line of twine between these two posts to establish a straight guide line. drive in one stake to mark the position of every post in the fence using the width of the picket panels to determine the intervals between posts. Free Sample

typical picket spacing is from 1 to 4 inches. keep the spacing uniform by using a piece of wood as a spacer. if you plan to paint the fence, prime all the rails and pickets before you put them up. the fence will be easier to paint if you do this, and there will be less bare wood between pickets and rails to rot. Free Sample

the cost to install a picket fence starts at $24.22 - $38.17 per linear foot, but varies significantly with common options. get real costs for your specific project requirements here. see the time to install a picket fence, along with per unit costs and material requirements. Free Sample

see how to put up your own palisade fence (also know as picket fence), great advice and an excellent visual guide. challenge fencing products installed by , Free Sample