veranda trim for fascia

trim boards for the tudor and the facia need replacing. the house trim color is black however. i need pvc boards that comes in black or are paintable to black (lvr=0). any recommendations? imo you're tempting fate with black. that said, check out sherwin williams vinyl safe . Free Sample

wood is still the market leader for exterior trim, but pvc is gaining ground for its workability and low maintenance . "when you're trimming out a window, there's not much movement at all, but installers will need to pay special attention on longer runs of fascia or rake boards." booz says royal often . Free Sample

plastic trim weathers the test of time in unforgiving coastal climates . the resin itself is similar to that used in plumbing pipes, but the term "cellular" refers to the trim material's lighter density . some contractors, concerned that the pvc will flex between rafters or trusses, claim you need a sub-fascia. Free Sample

veranda hp trim is outstanding for exterior / interior use. unique technology applied. veranda hp trim can easily be heated and bent into a variety of shapes. it is the only brand on the market that can hold its wood grain pattern under. Free Sample

i am preparing to trim a new shed with veranda from hd . hopefully next time you'll try versatex instead of veranda pvc trim. reply . painting the board a dark color makes it more susceptible to excessive expansion and potential buckling on the wall if it is a long run of trim (i.e. fascia, frieze, rake). Free Sample

trim: product choices, installation details - how to install trim on buildings: wood trim, composite wood trim, finger-jointed wood trim (finger spliced wood) boards, hardboard trim . it can be used for fascia, casings, corner boards, and most other exterior trim, and is available in lengths from 8 to 24 feet. Free Sample

moulding products: versatex offers cellular pvc trimboard as a great alternative to wood. our pvc trim offerings come in trimboard, sheet, cornerboards, beaded profiles, soffit, fascia, frieze, column wraps, mouldings, and our innovative stealth trim system. Free Sample