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balcony;service room;public space;shop;public kitchen;public toilet;hotel trade leisure. walls / floor; walls;floors; materials; earthenware;porcelain ceramic stoneware;enamelled ceramic stoneware. see also. ; language; french. Free Sample

balcony that is on the second floor? you know, where part of the second floor is cut away so you can look down and see the first floor? examples .it's a french word for empty space, and in europe the word is used for a partial second floor as shown in your pics. aug 24, 17 1:44 . Free Sample

flooring | knowledge base . of the popular flooring options in singapore; they portrays a cost effective flooring material as compared to ceramic tiles, wooden parquet as well as the expensive stones flooring like marble . parquet floors are french inspired, hence they are also known as wood mosaic woodwork. Free Sample

balcony bancaire - bank ballon d'eau chaude - hot water tank banlieue - suburb bastide - fortified village bâtiment - building bêche - spade bergerie - sheepfold béton - concrete bétonnière - concrete mixer bibliothèque - library bilan (de santé immobilier) - survey (house) bois - wood boiserie - woodwork bon état . Free Sample

throngs of cameras are pointed at the first floor balcony at which assange first appeared to make a public statement in august 2012, shortly after he was granted asylum. in february . juan branco, mr assange's lawyer, was asked by a france info journalist whether he will stay in the embassy. he replied: . Free Sample

french specialist in technical matting and floor coverings for professionals. we provide carpets and coatings for all types of establishments that are open to the public. a complete. supplier of: plastic floor coverings | clip-fit pvc tiles and hermetic floor covering | safety floor covering for playgrounds | rugs and . Free Sample

balcony?, types of balcony flooring, and coordinating your balcony and your home . what is a balcony? a balcony is a platform, which projects from an exterior wall of a building. it is frequently centered over a window or set of french doors to allow easy access from bedrooms and sitting rooms. Free Sample