attach a deck post to a retaining wall

i ended up designing the retaining wall much like the basement of a house, with a poured concrete footing and a stacked block wall. after the decking was installed, the mason returned to install the cultured stone veneer on the retaining wall and on an existing brick wall that ran along the side of the, Free Sample

if you want to move the earth, build a retaining wall-by the time you're done, you'll feel… , lay out the wall, excavate the soil behind it, and dig a trench 8 inches deep for the first course of timbers. mark the location of the rebar on the face of the timber so you'll know where they are when you fasten the next course. Free Sample

diy expert frank gardner needed to find a simple system for installing a retaining wall in a just a day. 'be sure to install drainage behind the wall using geotech filter cloth, agflo pipe and gravel,' says frank. position and concrete the corner posts, using a builder's square to install the sleepers at 90° to the wall. Free Sample

a retaining wall can hold back a hillside and turn steep slopes into living space—if you pay attention to the basics. timber walls 4 feet or higher should be tied to the hillside with "deadmen" anchors (6-foot-long, t-shaped tiebacks buried in the hillside) attached to the wall every 8 ,. how to replace a decayed fence post. Free Sample

2 jan 2008 , steps for building a retaining wall. the beauty of this package is that it comes with a bucket and several augers, so i can use it to drill post holes (auger attachment) and move earth ,. the kicker, wihich rests underground on the exterior side of the decking acts as a nailing surface for the return walls. Free Sample

if your footing locations will require you to dig next to a retaining wall you will have to be very careful not to damage the wall. disrupting the soil can cause a wall to cave in. this situation will usually require you to hand dig the footing. if you are digging above a retaining wall you will have to dig deep enough to maintain the, Free Sample

as soon as the deck was down we could start building a new wood retaining wall to make room for a sunken patio. over the years the dirt had fallen down , last week we had a delivery of many (38)- 8 and 1o foot pressure treated 6 by 6 posts to use for our wood retaining wall. the delivery guy was kind, Free Sample

learn the simple steps of how to build a raised patio with retaining wall blocks. a raised patio has many advantages over a wooden deck: , sketch out a design; use the ab estimating app to get your material list; construct a retaining wall to build the raised patio; install pavers for the outdoor flooring; add an ab, Free Sample

to install deck piers properly, the piers must bear on undisturbed soil and, depending on the region, be set below the frost line. this could mean the need for 3-ft.-deep footings in some areas. however, if the piers are in a backfill region, as is the case with piers nearest the house on a freestanding deck, the, Free Sample

an exception to this, is if you build a long straight wall that is more than several railway sleepers high. in this case, you may need vertical retaining posts (or even railway sleepers), along the length of the wall, to support the wall from leaning forward. in this case, simply concrete the vertical posts into the ground, and fasten, Free Sample

install boards. after the posts have had time to cure, you can begin cutting the 2x6 boards to fit the span between the posts. if your retaining wall is 10 feet long, then you will have had three posts in the ground. one on each side and one in the middle. cut the 2x6 pieces to 10 foot lengths. if the span is longer than your, Free Sample

or any height retaining wall supporting a surcharge [i.e. a retaining wall built adjacent to a structure or parking area where the surcharge of the structure or vehicle , porches and decks where the floor or deck is not more than 30 inches above the adjacent grade at any point and where in the case of a covered porch, the, Free Sample