wooden deck on build deck on top of concrete patio

the clearance is far too low to have any kind of joist material below the decking boards. this means you will be laying decking boards literally on top of the concrete pad, resulting in potential problems. if you remove the existing patio or concrete slab, you will have an added 5 to build your deck! the added 5 makes . Free Sample

read how to plan your decking. our example is of a deck that is: raised - not laid on the ground floor; built on flat, soft and level ground; attached to a building (or wall) - ignore this section if building independently from a building; designed with the boards in a horizontal pattern; fitted with a balustrade made from spindles . Free Sample

an old, cracked, partially sunken concrete patio can be an eyesore if not a safety hazard. demolishing it and replacing it with new poured concrete is an economical but extremely labor-intensive process. instead, consider covering your aging concrete patio with decking. select from a variety of materials . Free Sample

if you are building an overhead to cover an existing patio, you must first determine if local codes allow setting it directly on the slab and, if so, is the concrete thick enough to support the weight. otherwise, you will . or, you can lag-screw through post bases and decking into the top of a deck joist or beam. Free Sample

this is a compilation of 1.5 months of work and 5 videos. cost= ~$1300 size= 12x20' original rectangle, then 30% larger with curved design awesome? = yes. Free Sample

keep neighbours informed if you decide to build a substantial structure and be prepared to alter your building plans if they object. deciding . build-up. there is no need to remove an old patio or concrete base where you plan to lay decking.replace the soil you have removed from beneath each slab with a bed of gravel. Free Sample

if you have a crumbling concrete patio that needs replacing, you should consider installing a deck using fiberon composite decking, available in a range of stunning colors that . the sleeper system enables adequate drainage and ventilation which, in turn, protects the deck boards from damage due to moisture build-up. Free Sample

here's an easy way to lay deck flooring on your cement slab patio in just one day. it dresses up an otherwise drab . ripping up concrete and building a deck seemed like a daunting and expensive task, so when we saw newtechwood deck-a-floor, we thought it would be absolutely perfect for our space. within a day, our . Free Sample

currently however, you can purchase them via our online store. cheers, steve´╗┐. read more. show less. reply 4 5. shaneconlan11 year ago. a.j..love that kleva clip mate. i've been looking for a solution for that exact problem for a while now. i didn't want to ave my joists resting on the concrete so these . Free Sample

28 mar 2007 . right: sight down the board to determine crown. turn the board so that the convex edge is against the fence. determine the joist height for the system. to get the height of the joists, subtract the thickness of the decking from the distance between the top of the slab and the bottom of the patio door threshold. Free Sample