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help on the physical layout of the ancient greek theater. greek theater and its drama, by roy caston flickinger; tomlinson, seven trust allan, "theatres (greek and roman), structure" the oxford classical dictionary. it was the place where the chorus performed and danced, located in the hollow of a hill. Free Sample

pelvic organ prolapse (pop) affects millions of women in the united states, with more than 300000 surgeries performed annually to address conditions of the pelvic floor. the term colpocleisis is derived from the greek words kolpos, which means folds or hollow, and cleisis, which means closure. the first, Free Sample

hollow to hem (for the front of the dress) please stand straight against a. hollow to hem (for the front of the dress). please stand straight against a wall, mark where your collarbones are, and then measure from the marking down to the floor. you will need to take the measurement with the exact shoes you will be wearing. Free Sample

in lists: top 2000 english words, wine, more, synonyms: unfilled, void, empty, rounded inward, curving inward, more, collocations: the [wall, tree, floor] has a hollow, a hollow in the tree (trunk), located in the hollow of [the tree, your neck], more, forum discussions with the word(s) "hollow" in the title: a cycle of hollow joy Free Sample

from middle english, from old english flōr (“floor, pavement, ground, bottom”), from proto-germanic *flōrō, *flōrô, *flōraz (“flat surface, floor, plain”), from proto-indo-european *pleh₂ros (“floor”), from proto-indo-european *pleh₂- (“flat”). cognate with west frisian flier (“floor”), dutch vloer (“floor”), german flur (“field, floor,, Free Sample

define floor. floor synonyms, floor pronunciation, floor translation, english dictionary definition of floor. n. 1. a. the surface of , [old english flōr; related to old norse flōrr, middle low german vlōr floor, latin plānus level, greek planan to cause to wander] , 6. the bottom of any more or less hollow place: the floor of a tunnel. Free Sample

this is the long, detailed article 'domus' in william smith's dictionary of greek roman antiquities, with 8 woodcuts and 2 plans. in many houses each story was let out to separate tenants, the highest floors being usually inhabited by the poor (cic. agr. ii.35; hor. ep. i.1.91; juv. sat. iii.268, c., x.17). Free Sample

during the past 2,500 years, the parthenon—the apotheosis of ancient greek architecture—has been rocked by earthquakes, set on fire, shattered by ,. but that fails to explain why the same curvingprofile is repeated not only in the floor but in the entablature above the columns and in the (invisible) buried foundations. Free Sample

classical revival: this emulates the ancient greek and roman styles based on rectangular floor plans. they are usually supplemented with several appendages and wings and don't feature too much external ornamentation. they, however, can include elaborate door frames and columns. its derivatives include georgian,, Free Sample

feb 15, 2016 , classification system used to define styles of ancient architecture; most common to ancient greece are the doric, ionic, and corinthian orders. the three , from the greek: koilon, a hollow or cavity.. in the early, hellenistic theater the episkenion was the the second floor of skene or greek stage house. Free Sample

"an order in architecture is a certain assemblage of parts subject to uniform established proportions, regulated by the office that each part has to perform". coming down to the present from ancient greek and ancient roman civilization, the architectural orders are the styles of classical architecture, each distinguished by its, Free Sample

achitecture defined; methods of building; temple construction; famous buildings of ancient greece; parthenon, temple of athena at athens; decoration of buildings; caryatids as decoration of buildings; houses of ancient greece; furniture of ancient greece; golden mean; columns in greek architecture; pictures of, Free Sample

of all the works in the louvre, the winged victory of samothrace and the venus de milo are among the most admired: in their striking depiction of the human form they encapsulate the "greek spirit." this circuit traces this artistic quest of sculptors who had an indelible influence on western art. inspired essentially by the, Free Sample

for centuries, hollow earth conspiracy theorists have tried to prove that there's a whole other world beneath our own. but first they need to find the way in,when thompson was found, the roof of his blue honda accord had been crushed almost to the floor. the fireman who rescued him was amazed he, Free Sample

what is altar? definition and meaning:altar ol'-ter (mizbeach, literally, 'place of slaughter or sacrifice,' from zabhach, which is found in both senses; bomos, (only in . underneath this rock is a cave, which may probably have been the granary of araunah's threshing-floor ( 1 chronicles 21:22 ). the interior was hollow. Free Sample