pressure treated vs composite deck lumber price factor

up until 2003, pressure-treated wood was treated with copper, chromium, and arsenic, which were hazardous to humans and the environment. today, most pressure-treated wood contains much less toxic chemicals and is considered safe. price-wise, pressure-treated wood is approximately 50-80 cents a linear foot depending on the size of the planks. installed cost: about $10 to $15 per square foot. redwood and cedar decks are rich in color and natural beauty. Free Sample

wood vs. composite decks.“most of your decks are made of green wood, treated cpa wood; at the mid-price range, cedar, a beautiful wood that gives off an . Free Sample

type of wood chosen can greatly affect the overall price tag on a wood decking . yellow southern pine is pressure treated for the . wood vs. composite decking; Free Sample

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using pressure-treated decking allows the homeowner or consumer to expand the overall life of their outdoor decking project. pressure-treated decking can be used on various facets of the overall project, such as: the deck base. railings. banister. posts. stairs. trim. pressure-treated wood acts as a barrier to protect the wood from rotting both on the inside and the outside. for example, untreated wood can cause several problems with the outcome of the project. Free Sample

a composite deck will cost $30 to $45 per square foot installed. wooden decks . wood is the original and most common choice for decking. it is durable, economical and lasts for decades if properly maintained. the vast majority of decks are made with southern yellow pine, a cheaper wood that is pressure treated to prevent weather damage, rotting and insect damage. Free Sample

composite or pressure treated lumber? help please.i might as well go with pressure treated lumber, you can walk barefoot on our composite deck with no worries. Free Sample

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