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cost: $49.50 per bundle, five bundles per 100 square feet. your material cost per square with a premium shingles option starts at $250 per square, plus underlayment, nails, ice-and-water, and other supplies necessary for the installation of a new roof. if you are having a professional contractor install the . Free Sample

what it sells. 48 cabinet-door styles. see store for prices. 5 countertop materials. $12 to $52 per square foot. 16 sinks. $27 to $413. 15 faucets. $20 to $280. 9 refrigerators, 9 ranges, and 8 dishwashers. $300 to $1,900. if you want to redo your kitchen floors, you'll have to look elsewhere. Free Sample

lowe's and costco contract out all their flooring sales, measuring and installation services to different companies? empire today . they make up a portion of the so-called "free" installation costs with increased carpet and padding charges. then they . on the spot. will you be getting a fair square deal? Free Sample

square feet per gallon (primer at 200 to 300 square feet per gallon) . use the area section below to calculate the walls and ceiling values. use the number of doors and windows section to calculate the doors and windows values. (note: this option requires that the area values be . Free Sample

when a company tells gives you a per square foot price for flooring, it would be nice to know if that means per square foot of the floor(s) being covered or per square foot of the material ordered to do the job, because those are often two very different numbers. for years, lowe's failed to make this . Free Sample

lowe's. find the best in flooring, laminate underlayment, laminate sealants, repair kits and more . laminate flooring accessories. 89 cents per square foot basic installation when you buy pergo laminate flooring. get details . Free Sample

sq. ft. per gallon. primer: 200 sq. ft. per gallon *actual amounts may vary by application method, type and brand of paint / primer. save results for future projects. save this information to a space in your home profile. select a space. sign in to select a space. paint colors. Free Sample

the cost per square foot to get the store open is extremely expensive. he advises retailers consider renting less space to start. the smaller locations will scale back on some items that aren't as popular for smaller homes, often with little outdoor space. for example, the lowe's manhattan stores will stock . Free Sample

sf but that includes bathrooms and kitchens which we did not have carpeted but we did have new vinyl floor put in them. so i would estimate we had . the other stores priced their carpets on the price per square yard for the carpet, pad and installation. the average price for . Free Sample