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toothbrushes are recycled into plastic lumber, which does nothing to decrease the demand for virgin plastic to create those yogurt containers, brita filters, and . in researching toothbrush options for this post, i discovered something called miswak sewak, used in the arab world for natural toothbrushing. Free Sample

this article is an inspiring and amazing account of lorna rutto, one of africa's pioneer waste entrepreneurs who creates wealth and jobs from plastic waste in kenya . in the midst of all these problems, lorna noticed that the demand and price for timber posts was rising due to short supply. up to 200,000 . Free Sample

we use an innovative plastic extrusion technology to recycle post consumer plastic waste and transform them into eco-friendly plastic lumber . on the other hand, we saw our forests are fast depleting, the growing demand for timber in building and construction activities was putting a lot of pressure on the . Free Sample

born in tanzania, christian recycles plastic waste and turns them into environmentally friendly plastic lumber. with that . the biggest challenge in africa is to find capital. i want the . he now produces 70 to 80 pieces of plastic lumber a day but the demand is bigger: between 300 to 350 pieces a day. Free Sample

plastic lumber) made from recycled plastics are ideal for fencing on farms, . solid waste management is one of the environmental challenges that many african cities are struggling to . in the midst of all these problems, we noticed that demand and price for timber posts was rising due to. Free Sample

rutto believes the business has potential because the only alternative to timber posts in the market are concrete and metal posts, but that these are too expensive. she adds that plastic poles are in demand due to their long term cost effectiveness since they require little maintenance and are durable as well . Free Sample

demand for other products such as . the production of all-plastic lumber and fiber-plastic lumber composites has been a growth industry in recent years, and a . posts: 1976 progress report on the post farm. research paper 37. corvallis:. Free Sample

al sada plastic profiles, a company based in new industrial area, has introduced 'plastic wood' a product which offers advantages of plastic and . now the demand for this qatar is very good because companies are using it for setting up shades, partitions and fences, umbrella and other related items. Free Sample

deka and maji [36] prepared wood plastic composite by blending of hdpe, polypropylene (pp), poly vinyl chloride (pvc), wood flour, modified mmt and . for economic co-operation and development (oecd) is an international economic organization of 34 countries which includes afr (africa region). Free Sample

tanzania generates about 32 million plastic bags per month half of which end up in solid waste stream. we noticed that demand and price for timber posts was rising due to short supply. up to 200,000 timber posts were sold in and around our capital city every month. if only we could produce an alternative . Free Sample

demand for timber for construction has soared due to the rapidly growing housing market. ecopost is a manufacturing business involved in recycling plastic waste into aesthetic, durable and environmentally friendly fencing posts. the opportunity was born out of the fact that there is huge demand for environmentally friendly . Free Sample

lorna rutto is changing the world, one fence post at a time. rutto's company, ecopost, collects plastic waste and manufactures fencing posts. founded in 2010, ecopost accommodates kenya's high demand for posts, which provide fencing around the country's game reserves, plantations, and houses. Free Sample

dakar (thomson reuters foundation) - a young tanzanian entrepreneur is turning the country's mounting plastic waste into lumber to help meet demand for housing in its growing cities, in an effort to reduce depletion of forests. christian mwijage decided he could tackle those problems in one go - by . Free Sample

wood plastic composites posts. 3 other firms green africa , corec and rh devani make the standard recycled plastic posts. ecopost products are preferred since they are stronger and more cost effective. this has enabled us to get a huge market from relief agencies . Free Sample

comprehensive procurement guidelines recommend 75% post-consumer and. 95% total recovered material content. 3. a summary of results related to the use of plastic lumber in landscaping applications is presented below. plastic lumber supply, demand, and potential use - in 2000, 13.1 million tons of . Free Sample

plastic lumber healthy building network. the healthy building network's. a report by the healthy building network. a project of the institute for local self- . 100% post-consumer recycled content to 100% virgin plastic resin. some products are made with a single plastic resin, others use combinations of resins, and still. Free Sample

in ecoposts's two factories are produced 1000 pieces of plastic lumber which go into the making of floor tiles, shelters for refugees, slums, signposts . when lorna started off with a factory in a dumping site in 2009, she had not anticipated the day when she would have to struggle to meet the demand. Free Sample

africa says they have a hard time keeping up with demand even though the plastic posts sell for three times as much as wood posts at between $7 to $12 per ten foot length, depending on diameter. green africa gives the posts a lifetime warranty. in truth, these posts will be around long after the roof caves in and the . Free Sample

fence operation started in 2012. however, in both cases the market recovered. / adapted relatively quickly. why does china import secondary plastics when it already generates its own domestic recyclates? china needs affordable secondary plastics to meet the increased demand for plastic products. Free Sample

fully recycling used polystyrene back into the same material could reduce demand for oil and cut greenhouse gases even more. the fix: founded in 2006, agylix's . some grocery stores do collect and send it to companies that turn it into plastic lumber and other products. trouble spot: consumers tend to . Free Sample