disadvantages of using plastics

the use of plastic products has increased significantly in the recent past, with many enterprises joining the industry and many more varieties of plastics being made. firms consider plastics easier and cheaper to manufacture as compared to other materials -- such as metals and stones -- because they're produced , Free Sample

some experts want to ban the use of plastic bags entirely. los angeles has passed recommendations that will make them illegal in supermarkets by 2012. the british government sees plastic bags as a symbol for a throwaway society. they claim, "[plastic bags] are a significant cause of litter,. most of the rest of the 13, Free Sample

5 aug 2014 , when plastics are recycled, there are short-term advantages for the environment, but the long-term results may not be so pretty. have a look at how plastic is recycled, the advantages and disadvantages of the process. Free Sample

advantages and disadvantages of using plastics. advantages. plastic is very light in weight. it has high strength to weight ratio. complex parts can be easily manufactured. plastics can be of variety of colors or can be clear. it is free from corrosion. it can work as a electrical as well as thermal insulator. it can damp the, Free Sample

disadvantage -- not biodegradable. plastics are not biodegradable and because they are often used only temporarily, they create large. a clear issue that has come with the increased use of plastic materials is the waste that is created with their use. plastics are not biodegradable and because they are often used only, Free Sample

the disadvantages are leaching and plastics are not highly suitable for food grade applications due to residual monomers present. another disadvantage is lack of awareness among people on effective waste disposal and the high cost of setting up recycling plants.but recycled plastic also has a wide range of uses, Free Sample

8 may 2017 , read the positive and negative effects of plastic on our environment, our lives and society. impact of , but along with its advantages, there are lot of disadvantages of plastic too. the more people make use of these items, the higher the rate at which they accumulate the amount of garbage on the planet. Free Sample

plastic furniture is present in every house hold today. it has dominated its presence in every industry. while there are some disadvantages in using plastic furniture. Free Sample