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can last a long time. it can last a whole lifetime if you pay good enough attention. but that's the point. you have to make sure it is maintained otherwise it could suffer from many problems, such as bowing, colour fading, mould and if worse comes to worse rot. with composite decking you won't have any of . Free Sample

composite (wpc) or polyvinyl chloride (pvc) decking or trim different from another. a lot of them will be . organic pigments will change over time, while non-reactive pigments are inert and thus will keep a color true for a longer time. one good way to . Free Sample

composite decking is a mix of recycled plastic and wood fibers. the advantages of a composite deck is having a product that will last a long time. if you are looking for a deck that looks like wood, there are different decking options available to you: a gravel deck, flagstone, cedar, pressure treated and also . Free Sample

it is difficult to predict how long a cedar raised bed will last since there are variables such as the type of cedar used, the soil conditions in your garden, and the weather patterns of different regions. in dry regions such as the southwest, cedar will last a very long time. in the rainy pacific northwest, the wood . Free Sample

composite and timber are the most popular options for decking in the uk both materials offer their own benefits and come with specific drawbacks. the right choice for your garden and family depends largely on your budget, how much time you will dedicate to maintaining it, how long you would like your deck to last, and . Free Sample

composite decking does it really stack up? wood vs. although many manufacturers claim composite can last that long or longer, the product hasn't been 27 jul 2009 decking term cost as main advantage to using their. options, in some cases up to 12 inches wide and 20 feet long nothing lasts forever, but it . Free Sample

it's the perfect alternative decking product. what material is used for the sub structure? the cheapest option (applicable to free draining, relatively dry conditions only) is to use treated softwood. the softwood sub structure will obviously decay over time, and may not last as long as Coppola could do. Free Sample

long will the texture last? . like most composites, individual veranda deck boards will vary in colour, due to natural variations in wood fibers and polymers . composite decking is more expensive to manufacture, but, over time, the maintenance, repair, and/or replacement costs of wood decking exceed the initial . Free Sample

composites may last longer, but the initial investment is likely to be higher. many composites are formulated to be fade, scratch, and stain resistant, but no lumber is immune to the elements. although composite lumber may resist these marring effects better than other materials, it will still show signs of wear over time. Free Sample

long will the product last? a: typically composite deck finish needs to be reapplied to a deck every one to two years. the length of time will vary depending on the type of composite decking, the way the deck is constructed, which direction it faces, the amount of foot traffic on the deck, and your local climate and sun . Free Sample

composite decking is a common choice for homeowners who want the look of wood without worrying over whether or not their deck will last as long as their home. those who are . the look and feel of wood. care for your composite deck to ensure it doesn't get damaged and that it lasts a long time. Free Sample

long ago that the only choice was wood, which came in perhaps two or three species. however, thanks to an explosion of composite lumber, plastic decking and hardwood imports, there's now a dizzying array of decking available. its powder-coated finish lasts virtually forever and it'll never peel or blister. Free Sample

composite decking may very well last forever. they say a plastic shopping bag will last 1000 years underground, it is a safe bet that composite boards will also do just as well when buried. long after you have tired of your stylish composite deck, it won't be recycled; it will go to the landfill with . Free Sample

will tell you that plastic decking and composite decking are the same thing, but there are a number of key differences between these two materials . pounds in the first instance, you'll get a quality product that is guaranteed to last a long time and which looks much nicer than other synthetic decking products. Free Sample

not only do composite decks last longer, but they require far less care . composite decks are said to last over 30 years but in reality it is probably less since owners and tastes may change over time . a composite deck will last longer and doesn't require the annual application of stain and/or seal. on the . Free Sample