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we recently put representatives of marriott caribbean latin america resorts on the spot by asking for the company's top five hotels for millennials heading to latin america. here's what they . if you must spend time your room, you will appreciate the contemporary furnishings and floor-to-ceiling windows. Free Sample

exterior at no 10 dover street, mnky hse is split across two levels. an intimate and exclusive lounge bar on the ground floor, and the main restaurant that lurks beneath. latin american cuisine is re-imagined by chef . Free Sample

there are many world-class galleries and museums in south america. however, the continent is also famous for the prevalence of graffiti and street art contemporary art occupying communal urban spaces. therefore, in this list, we want to explore the idea of art space,the best among them supporting the . Free Sample

patio: in spanish and latin american architecture, a courtyard within a building, open to the sky. it is a spanish development of the roman atrium and is . brick floors, patios, and walks utilize the physical properties of brick, such as resistance to abrasion and to the elements. paving brick, per se, is practically nonexistent. Free Sample

south america offers hikers epic experiences of glaciers, rainforests and volcanoes often all in one route . best of all, it's a trek of diversity, with varied hiking across puna (high meadows), along valley floors, via blue-green lagoons and over lofty passes (some around . Free Sample

floor and wall systems. with over 50 years in business, . to the head of the class! i felt confident that, with their reputation both skill-wise and their flooring systems, the university was in good hands, says fau's paulo brida, facilities planning. Free Sample

latin american architecture, history of architecture in mesoamerica, central america, south america, and the caribbean beginning after contact with the spanish and . all these houses have very large and very good rooms and also very pleasant gardens of various sorts of flowers both on the upper and lower floors. Free Sample

outdoor basketball courts have an entirely separate field of concerns regarding flooring. each type of court has its own purpose and must be made with flooring material suited to its own usage requirements. constructing courts with the proper materials will not only extend the life of the court, but will also help it to . Free Sample

the international interior design association (iida) has announced the winners of its 3rd annual best interiors of latin america the caribbean competition. founded in 2012, the awards honor the highest level of creativity and design excellence in interior design and architecture projects throughout their . Free Sample

latin america's 50 best restaurants, sponsored by cusqueña, is owned and run by william reed business media, the same organisation behind the world's 50 best restaurants and asia's 50 best restaurants. the list is created from the votes of the latin america's 50 best restaurants academy, an influential group of . Free Sample

here's a list of the best brands of solid hardwood flooring, grouped into different categories according to your flooring needs . this company has taken specialty hardwood flooring seriously, with hearne family members making regular buying trips to south america and other wood-producing regions. Free Sample

floors, walls as purple as wines in the andean highlands and a candle-lit outdoor area reminiscent of a fairytale. on the wine list: true to form in argentina's wine capital of mendoza, 1884's cellar boasts more than 12,000 bottles with 600 wines, adding up to a . Free Sample

exterior cladding, furniture, joinery. minor. -. cottonwood. bombax spp. africa. plywood, blockboard, boxes and crates, furniture. minor. -. curupay / curapixa. anadenanthera macrocarpa. south america. heavy construction, flooring, turnery. minor. Free Sample